I offer psychotherapy and counselling as well as work consultancy and supervision. I trained as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies in London and was awarded a Diploma and a Masters Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by the London Metropolitan University. I have been registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) since I qualified in 1997. In addition, I completed the Advanced Consultancy Course at the Tavistock Clinic, which used psychoanalytic and organisational theory to help to understand some of the difficulties and tensions that we can experience in our workplace.
Who am I?
Mary Hope
Name: Mary Hope
Telephone: 07931 922207
What is psychotherapy and who can benefit?
Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to talk to a therapist about emotional difficulties. It is a mutual exploration between therapist and client in trying to gain an understanding of the difficulties that the client is experiencing. In psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we believe that we are affected by experiences in our childhood and that it is helpful to be able to understand how these experiences may influence relationships in our adult life. Most of us experience emotional difficulties at some point in our lives. Sometimes we repeat patterns of behaviour that lead to unfulfilling relationships or that give rise to feelings of discontentment. We may have a general feeling of unhappiness or dissatisfaction about our lives and this can lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness or anger. This may have caused anxiety, panic attacks or depression and these feelings can have an effect on our self-image or may have been as a result of abuse or a negative relationship. Together with the therapist, psychotherapy can help to explore these difficulties in a safe setting and think about how they can be changed.
Work consultancy and non-managerial supervision
Sometimes we feel frustrated or dissatisfied with our work environment. Perhaps there are changes being made to the job or we experience difficulties with the people with whom we work. By talking with a psychotherapist in confidence, outside of your work setting, you can find alternative ways of managing these difficulties that lead to a more fulfilling working environment.
Initial Consultation
An initial consultation is arranged to discuss how I may be able to help you and to see if we can work together. The cost of an initial consultation session is £50. At this session, frequency of therapy is discussed. More frequent sessions allow issues to be explored in greater depth. The fee will be agreed according to your income. I offer a few spaces at a lower rate for those on a reduced income. Work consultancy and supervision may be less frequent than therapy and more focused on a specific issue and therefore require an agreed number of sessions. Therapy requires commitment from both therapist and client, working on the basis of a basis of a contract agreed at the outset.
I work from a consulting room based in my home in Old Newton, Stowmarket. It is 3 miles from Stowmarket station and is easily accessible from the A14. My consulting room is situated on the ground floor and is generally accessible. There is also a ground floor toilet. Free parking is available.